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Product Name: Cabletech Multi-Strand Cable (7 x AWG32)
Product Code: Multi-Stranded
- Cable is manufactured to the highest quality standards and utilized for the distribution of both voice and data transmission
- Specially designed to meet the latest standard for alarm systems and have wide range of selection of 4C702, 8C702, 12C702 etc.

Contact Person : Mr. F S Mak / Mr. Patrick Tam / Mr. Neville Lam
Tel: (852) 2408 8812 / Fax : (852) 2407 3122
Email : sales@cabletech.com.hk / fsmak@cabletech.com.hk
Address : Room 1-3, 17/F, Wang Lung Industrial Bldg.,48-56 Wang Lung Street, Tsuen Wan,HongKong

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